The braking system is one of the most important safety elements in any vehicle and we just wanted to take a quick moment to share this clean black Porsche 997.1 Carrera S that stopped by for a brake service.

To avoid compromising the working order of the braking system, we replaced front brake pads and discs since they were both worn. The symptoms that indicate that the brake disc or brake pads are worn or deteriorated can include the warning light coming on, noises or vibration during braking, or visible circular lines or radial cracks on the braking band. In some cases, the level of the brake fluid may also provide useful information about the rate of wear of the brake discs and brake pads.

We recommend inspecting the brakes regularly during regular scheduled maintenance services to ensure that they are always in working order. As a dealership alternative, Daniel’s European performs all minor and major factory scheduled maintenance services for all Porsche models in accordance to factory guidelines. To get a quote or schedule an appointment, please give us a call or email us.

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