Committed to offering the best products, Daniel’s European is now fully stocked with Motul premium line of fully synthetic engine oils. Contrary to popular assumption, not all synthetic engine oils are created equal. We prefer Motul as our brand of choice not only because it has the official approvals from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche for warranty compliance but it also far exceeds these manufacturer’s specifications. As a better alternative to the factory fill from the vehicle manufacturer or other off the shelf oils, the Motul product line offers improved power and responsiveness and superior anti-wear protection for a longer life of engine parts and to keep your engine running like new. As one of the oldest manufacturers of engine oil, Motul was formed over 160 years ago in France and developed the first 100% synthetic automotive engine oil. Ever since, they have earned the respect of passionate drivers, motorsport teams and mechanics across the globe, and Motul oils are regarded as some of the finest you can buy. Today, Motul’s products are developed and proven in international competitions as the official supplier and tecnhical partner for many teams in MotoGP, World Rally Championship, FIA GT, Le Mans 24 Hours, Spa 24 Hours, Le Mans Series, etc.

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