BMWs are one of the most well known luxury cars on the market. A sign of wealth and class, BMWs require a good amount of upkeep to stay in top shape. Part of this includes servicing your air conditioning to make sure that everything is always running smoothly.

AC service is not included with your routine maintenance in your owner’s manual. So how do you know when to service your BMW’s air conditioning or how often you should? This usually depends on your car’s model and its condition. Some say that air conditioning should be serviced every two years, but the truth is that there is no set time period for when you should do this. Instead, look for signs to know when it is time to bring your car into a reputable garage for AC service.

Recognizable Signs of Air Conditioning Failure

You know your car better than anyone. When you get in your BMW and start it, you want the AC to blow cold air to cool the cabin down on a hot, summer day. The temperature of the air is important as well as the strength of the fan blowing the cool air out of your vents. If either of these are not up to par, your ride will be uncomfortable.

You may notice the air coming out of the vent is warmer than usual. No matter how high you turn up the blower, it won’t keep your cabin at your desired temperature. Sometimes, the air conditioner won’t blow air at all. This is very frustrating, as you’ll have to roll down your windows for ventilation and to cool your cabin, which isn’t plausible in a rainstorm or when you’re trying to keep the humidity down.

Common Causes of Air Conditioner Problems

If you are reading this article, it’s likely you’re here due to an AC problem. Below are the most common reasons for AC problems. Most of these are easily handled by quick service at an affordable cost to you.

A Freon/Refrigerant Leak

Your air conditioner uses liquid coolant to chill the air in your cabin. There’s an intricate process through which this liquid changes into a gas through a condenser. It’s an interesting series of events, but the result is usually cold air for your comfort. When you do not have enough of this liquid refrigerant, the compressor cannot provide cool air.

Be careful if you try to replace Freon/refrigerant on your own. While this is a DIY project many undertake, if the liquid canister explodes, it is harmful to you and to the environment. So take extra care to read the label and perform this recharge with proper eye protection and gloves. If you are uncomfortable doing this, we are happy to assist with a quick recharge of your refrigerant.

Fan Malfunction

Your air conditioning system uses a fan to blow the cooled air out of the compressor. If this fan stops working, the refrigerated air cannot make its way into the passenger cabin. This can be caused by electrical problems or a mechanical one. If you notice the fan isn’t blowing as much or as fast as you need, it may need to be repaired. Debris can also stop the fan from spinning. It is an easy inspection for our mechanics, so stop in today for a quick diagnosis.

It is also possible that your air conditioner’s compressor, evaporator, or other components may break and need replacement. Bring your BMW in for inspection and we will give you the details of our findings so you can make a decision on how to proceed.

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Our technicians are specially trained in European cars, including BMWs. We are knowledgeable about the intricate parts and systems of your car and know how to inspect and repair your air conditioning system. Daniel’s European only uses genuine OEM parts for your BMW.

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