Now owned by Volkswagen AG, Bentleys were initially a product of British manufacturing. Named after Watler Owen Bentley and first developed in 1919, their reputation as classy vehicles still exists today.

Bentley is legendary for their maintenance schedule for their vehicles to follow. Not everyone can afford to buy a Bentley. Additionally, many people cannot afford to maintain a Bentley either.

You might be asking yourself, is following all of the factory maintenance necessary? You might be tempted to skip out on some due to the price tag but the short answer is: Yes. Bentleys are foreign vehicles made with quality and expensive parts. These can require intricate repairs and specialty expertise from trained mechanics familiar with Bentley’s complex machinery and technology.

However, depending on your warranty, the dealership will often be the most expensive way to have your Bentley managed. Alternative options exist in specialized auto shops that have expertise with Bentley’s models. Read more below about Bentleys and factory service maintenance.

Factory-Scheduled Maintenance can Prolong the Life of Your Bentley

The handcrafted interiors, powerful performance, and expertly-engineered parts help create Bentley Motors Company. Their models are known for the well-structured factory service plan. The maintenance plans are created for each model with specific milestones.

The first year of the maintenance schedule can have simple tasks like oil changes, replacing filters, and more. In the second year, more parts to service are on the list.

If you skip on routine maintenance, things will begin to suffer in your car. Your oil can run low, which can cause overheating in your engine. If your filters become dirty, they can cause fuel pumps to suffer which can cause engine misfires. Problems can begin to pile up quickly and cost you more money in the long run than affordable regular service.

If you invest in a Bentley, you will want to keep the recommended service schedule to keep the car working in top shape. Naturally, the car manufacturer prefers that owners take their Bentleys to an authorized dealership for routine maintenance and repairs. However, alternatives can be less expensive without sacrificing quality by choosing a specialty auto service center that specializes in Bentley models.

Alternatives to a Dealership with Daniel’s European in La Habra, CA

You want your car to receive quality service from a certified specialist with expertise in your make and model. Here at Daniels European, we know that your Bentley should follow factory scheduled maintenance to stay in tip top shape.

We ensure our staff has the latest and most exceptional factory equipment for repairs. We also utilize factory parts and have access to many Bentley-specific components to repair and service your vehicle with OEM parts so you know you’re getting the manufacturer’s best.

We offer every single one of the services found at the dealer, in addition to complex repairs like engine replacements and more:

Let us show you exactly how valuable our 11 years of experience repairing Bentleys can be to your beloved vehicle and bottom line. Dealerships can be a hassle and can cost Bentley Factory Maintenance an arm and a leg when following the routine maintenance in the case of Bentley. With Daniels European, you will receive quality care from our friendly staff.

Not only do we maintain Bentleys, but many brands of European cars. We also service the nearby areas of Brea, Fullerton, La Habra Heights, Hacienda Heights, and Rowland Heights. We are conveniently located in La Habra for all our customers.

Give your vehicle the special attention it needs and come to Daniel’s European in La Habra, CA. We have been the number one auto repair shop in La Habra since 2013. Do not wait to have your European car serviced. Start your Bentley on a regular maintenance plan today to ensure you do not have any mechanical surprises that inconvenience you during your commute or vacation. Give us a call at (562) 690-7000 to speak to a friendly representative who can help you schedule an appointment. You can also visit our website to schedule service.

Let us earn your patronage today. We welcome you to our shop and look forward to building a working relationship with you through our honest and expert workmanship.

* Bentley Car image credit goes to: nrqemi.

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