Cars grow more advanced with innovation in technology and engineering each year. Hybrid vehicles, for example, require well-trained professionals to diagnose and repair them. That’s why owners need to find the proper mechanic for the job, so what makes a mechanic qualified?

Mechanics certified in ASE are professionals recognized by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Certified mechanics take rigorous courses and examinations, testing a vast array of knowledge. These mechanics are the most qualified individuals to conduct repairs on your car.

ASE-certified technicians can vary in their level of expertise, knowledge, and overall credentials. Since the ASE maintains industry-standard level training, certified mechanics can service and repair the most modern cars manufactured. Continue reading to learn more about how mechanics become certified and why choosing ASE-certified technicians is essential.

What is the ASE?

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is a non-profit organization focused on improving auto repair across the United States. They were established in 1972 and have since then been training and certifying mechanics in dealerships, independent auto repair shops, and fleet shops throughout the nation.

The ASE helps drivers identify which mechanics are certified in their craft. They offer training courses in vehicle services, parts distribution, and repair. Auto shops rely on the ASE to help promote their business and expertise to drivers.

Drivers can have their car serviced comfortably knowing they’ve selected an industry-certified mechanic. Given how complicated vehicle maintenance is, it’s always better to pay for educated professionals to work on your vehicle. Car owners can even choose certified technicians who specialize in unique issues.

The 8 Areas of ASE-Certification

When technicians are certified, the ASE recognizes them for their area of expertise. There are eight areas in which mechanics can specialize, and they aren’t limited to only one. The eight basic tests that mechanics can pass to be ASE-certified are:

  • engine repair
  • automatic transmission
  • manual drivetrain and axles
  • suspension and steering
  • brakes
  • electrical systems
  • heating and air conditioning
  • engine performance

As mentioned before, mechanics can pass more than one of these tests to specialize in multiple fields. You should always ask your technician if they’re ASE-certified in the area of your car’s problem. They’ll have proof of their certification and possibly even an ASE patch on their uniform.

Advanced ASE-Certification Degrees

Technicians who have completed all the basic ASE mechanic tests will hold a Master Automotive Technician title. These mechanics are top-rated professionals capable of repairing all types of typical vehicle issues. Drivers will possibly pay more for services from these technicians; however, the dedication they put into repairs for your car is worth it.

Beyond the Master Automobile Technician certification degree is the Certified Advanced Level Specialist. Specialists know the ins and outs of complex car problems that average mechanics need help diagnosing. These mechanics will usually be in charge of managing other ASE technicians who can learn from their wisdom.

ASE-certified technicians are required to retest every five years to maintain the organization’s accountability. These tests and courses update based on industry advancements, and mechanics are required to retest if they fail.

Another great way to select your auto repair shop is to find out if they have the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence. Only businesses that provide top-rated services and have 75% of their staff ASE-certified will receive this title. Auto shops that hold this title can be found online by visiting the ASE’s official website.

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