Mercedes-Benz vehicles are luxury models made with top-quality components and the highest level of workmanship and engineering. While this guarantees that issues with their powertrain will be rare, sometimes you will encounter faults that need to be addressed. If your Mercedes-Benz suddenly becomes hard to handle, experiences excessive tire damage, or exhibits grinding sounds and vibrations, there is a good chance the differentials could be worn out or faulty.

The differential allows your tires to rotate at different speeds. When you turn a corner, the inside wheels have less distance to cover than the outside wheels, which must spin more to cover the distance. The differential allows this to occur.

Premature Wear

Parts that wear out too quickly are definitely a concern for your Mercedes-Benz. Your differential system runs off a well-lubricated set up of gears, shafts, and flanges with seals in between, so it is highly susceptible to wear down.

Degradation from Gear Corrosion and Friction

This can cause your differential to lose fluid, resulting in gear grinding and the eventual breakdown of your gears. When this occurs, it doesn’t take long for your differential to degrade, too. This will need a replacement.

Leaking Fluid

When your seals aren’t working as they should, fluid can leak out. This important lubrication is required for the differential of your Mercedes-Benz to function properly. Without this oil, gears can begin to grind together, which will put wear and tear on your differential and cause problems quickly.

Incorrect Fluid

Not only can using the wrong lubricant in your Mercedes-Benz be grounds for a malfunctioning differential, but using specialty lubricants is also a common cause of issues. Be sure to speak to our professionals about what oils and lubricants are right for your model.

Water Damage

Often occurring after driving through high water, water damaged differentials will cause gears and other surfaces to rust. This is because water can emulsify the lubricant that is already present.

Seized U-Joint

Seized u-joints will cause harsh vibrating in your car. This malfunction can also affect your differentials, resulting in damage.

Get Your Faulty Differentials Repaired Promptly

As with many other minor issues, the malfunction of differentials in your Mercedes-Benz can lead to larger, more complex problems. In fact, faulty differentials can lead to:

  • Misaligned wheels, which results in uneven tire wear and tread pattern
  • Premature tire wear and replacement
  • Related suspension problems
  • Damaged wheel bearings

Signs that Your Mercedes Differential is Failing

Sometimes, it can be easy to tell when the differential in your car is failing. Other times, it can be confused for another issue or overlooked altogether until it worsens. Here are a few signs to look out for if you suspect a problem with your differential:

  • Gear oil that is noticeably dirty: This warning sign of differential wear down is evident when gears have already begun to break down from friction and/or a lack of lubrication.
  • Uneven tire wear patterns: A malfunctioning differential will cause your vehicle to drive erratically, which can show on your tires.
  • Unacceptable vehicle handling: This often comes to light when you are turning, but a Mercedes-Benz that handles poorly likely has a differential problem.
  • Vehicle vibrates more than normal: As you come up to speed or accelerate, a Mercedes will noticeably vibrate if it is experiencing differential stress.
  • Weird noises coming from your Mercedes: You probably won’t be able to pinpoint this as a different problem until you take it into a service shop. However, you won’t recognize the noises as being a normal occurrence for your car, as you are familiar with its normal sounds.

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