Liqui Moly 5111 Pro-Line Throttle Valve Cleaner – 400ml



Special active solvent for cleaning typical contamination and deposits found in the intake and throttle valve areas. Dissolves and removes all greasy deposits and contaminants such as oil, resins, adhesive residues, etc. Also reliably cleans nozzles and internal components. Ensures the operability of all moving parts and reduces fuel consumption.


  • Excellent cleaning effect
  • Simple to use
  • Cleaning possible without dismantling
  • Optimizes economical use
  • Rapid cleaning
  • Tested for catalytic converters
  • Areas of application

Removes contamination and deposits in the intake and throttle valve area. Only suitable for use in gasoline engines.


Gain access to throttle body via intake or vacuum line before throttle plate. Start the engine. Accelerate and maintain approx. 2000 RPM. Spray in short intervals of 2-3 seconds. Immediately stop if RPM exceeds another 500 RPM, or if excessive knocking is heard. Continue procedure until can is empty.

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