The Importance

of Certified Mechanics for Auto Repair

in La Habra

Cars grow more advanced with innovation in technology and engineering each year.

Hybrid vehicles require well-trained professionals to diagnose and repair them.

ASE certified experts are recognized by National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

ASE certified technicians can vary in the level of expertise, knowledge, and overall credentials.

National Institute for ASE is a non-profit organization focused on improving auto repair.

Thus, the ASE helps drivers identify which mechanics are certified in their craft.

What is the ASE?

They offer training courses in-vehicle services, parts distribution, and repair.

The 8 areas of ASE-certification

Engine repair

Automatic transmission

Manual drivetrain and axles

Suspension and steering

Brakes or electrical systems

Heating and air conditioning

Advanced ASE-Certification degrees

Technicians have completed all the basics of ASE mechanic tests.

These mechanics are top-rated professionals capable of repairing all types of car issues.

ASE-certified technicians retest every 5 years to maintain the organization’s accountability.

Master Automobile Technician

Master Automobile Technician certification degree is the Certified Advanced Level Specialist.

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