1998 BMW 528I 2.8L 5 speed manual transmission with Hartge upgrades arrived at our shop for the 120,000 mile service after being garage kept for few years. It was definitely one of the cleanest E39’s we have seen so it deserves nothing but the best. We replaced the engine air filter element, fuel filter, spark plugs, drive belt and tensioner assembly, and flushed the engine coolant system. To improved performance and protection, we used higher grade fluids from Motul and Redline. We performed an oil change with Redline 5w-30 Synthetic Motor Oil, flushed the transmission and power steering systems with Redline D4 Fluid, brake & clutch hydraulic systems with Motul DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid, and changed the differential fluid with Redline 75W-90 Gear Oil.

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