The spark plug of your Audi is responsible for producing an electric spark for the ignition of a combustion engine. While the spark plug is a small component, it is vital for the internal combustion of vehicles, and a faulty one can affect the overall performance of your Audi’s engine.

Like most parts of the vehicle, spark plugs require constant maintenance to keep them in good condition. Discussed below are some symptoms that could originate from a faulty spark plug in your Audi:

Difficulty Starting the Car

They are called spark plugs because they create the spark needed for your engine to start. When you have trouble starting your Audi, it could be a sign of faulty spark plugs. However, multiple components make up the ignition system and they mostly give the same signs, so it is necessary to troubleshoot to know the cause of the problem.

Decreased Acceleration Ability

When your Audi is constantly facing troubles accelerating, It could be from a faulty spark plug. The spark plug produces a spark to ignite combustion during driving. When you accelerate, there is a need for increased combustion. If the spark plug is faulty or weak, it will not provide the ignition needed for acceleration to occur.

While the sluggishness of your Audi could be due to a bad spark plug, it is always better to troubleshoot, as other issues such as clogged fuel filters and injectors could also lead to acceleration issues professionally.

Poor Fuel Economy

One critical issue a faulty spark plug produces is poor fuel economy. When your car begins to consume more fuel than usual, it needs to be fixed. If your spark plugs are not functioning optimally, your engine will need more gasoline for combustion to occur. Sometimes, a spark plug may be bad and need to be replaced. It may also be due to the gap which needs to be adjusted.

Engine Misfiring

An engine could misfire because the spark plug’s tip that connects to the wire is damaged, or the spark plug itself is worn out. Signs of an engine misfire could be intermittent sputtering or stumbling sounds from the engine. However, your Audi’s engine could also misfire due to a sensor malfunction.

Check-Engine Light

Most European vehicles are known for their use of sensors. Audis have sensors that hint the onboard computer and ignition system when more electric pulses are needed to fire the spark plug. When the system detects a bad spark plug, the driver is notified by an engine warning light on the dashboard.

Causes of Spark Plug Issues

After extreme usage, it is common for spark plugs to gather soot, which is residue of combustion. Carbon soot is a very poor conductor of electric current. When it bridges the spark plug gap, the plug cannot generate a spark. Other chemicals that are insulators can contaminate the spark plug and prevent it from generating electric current.

The spark plug gap is very crucial to the usage of the plug. If the two electrodes are too close to each other, there is a high chance of the spark plug developing issues. When both electrodes are far apart, the electric charges may not be able to jump the gap to produce a spark.

When your spark plug is incorrectly torqued, there is a chance that the spark plug is under stress from the over-torque, or the spark plug head is not touching the ignition system correctly.

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