This 2013 Audi S7 was experiencing a rough idle with the Check Engine indicator light on. We performed a diagnosis and determined that the culprit was a faulty oil separator unit. A common failure on these 4.0L V8 twin turbo engines, it created a vacuum leak and caused the engine to misfire.

Other symptoms may include poor fuel economy or hissing sounds. We replaced it with an updated part and all of the gaskets and hardware. This job was labor intensive as it required approximately 9 hours of labor to disassemble the front end of the car and many of the accessories on top of the engine.

As a dealership alternative, all maintenance services are performed in accordance to factory guidelines as we work very closely with the local dealerships for up-to-date factory technical support and genuine parts. To get a quote or schedule an appointment, please email or give us a call.

Services Performed and Parts Replaced

Check Engine Light Diagnosis & Oil Separator Replacement
  • Intercooler Gaskets Left & Right
  • Retaining Clips
  • Throttle Body Gasket
  • Audi Volkswagen Engine Coolant Antifreeze
Front Suspension Control Arm Bushing Replacement
  • Lower Control Arm Bushing – Front Forward Outer
  • Lower Control Arm Bushing – Front Forward Outer
  • Lower Control Arm Bushing – Front Lower Guide Link
  • Upper Control Arm Bushing – Front Forward
  • Upper Control Arm Bushing – Front Rearward
  • 4-Wheel Alignment: Set Camber, Caster, Toe
Scheduled Maintenance
  • Engine Oil – Castrol Edge 5W-40 Synthetic
  • Engine Oil Filter Element
  • Engine Air Filter Element
  • Cabin Air Filter
  • Spark Plugs
  • Windshield Wiper Blades
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