Water pumps can fail silently and lead to catastrophic engine failure. As the car ages, the bearings and seals in the waterpump gets worn out and will eventually seize and leak. Moreover, the impellers in the original pump are made out of plastic and the blades become brittle and break off and reduce the flow of coolant through the system. Early warning indicators can include coolant weeping from water pump, smell of coolant from outside car or from passenger side engine compartment, low coolant levels and needing frequent topping up, noticeable bearing noise coming from the water pump, and higher engine coolant temperature. Fortunately, the owner of this 2004 Boxster noticed the symptoms and brought the car to us to have the waterump replaced.

Waterpump Kit with Gaskets and Genuine Porsche Antifreeze/Coolant

While the car is in our care, we noticed that rear wheel bearing was going bad with symptoms including grinding or “whirring” noises that got progressively worse with increased speed. We removed the bearing carrier from the vehicle to pressed out the worn bearing and replaced it with a brew new one.

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